4th of July Sale!!!

This is the last day of my "Solo" sale!

 "Solo", which is normally $15 is going to be only $10!
And if you buy any of my merchandise that is $15 or more, I'll include a "Solo" cd for only... $5 (plus shipping)!!!!!

About "Solo"

This is an album I recorded at the end of my nine years living in Northern California. I had gone through my cycle of gigging relentlessly with my touring band, had recorded "Rising" in 1995 which was never released (until this year), and had recorded and released "Dragon's Lair" in 1999 on my newly formed label, RA Records.
A few years later, with more new songs in my repertoire, my friend and fellow musician, Alan Watt, said to me," we need to get all those new songs down on a recording." We recorded this at his house and it's just me, my guitar and voice, all those then new songs, and some didgereedoo and light percussion.
After this cd was duplicated, I began traveling the southwest of America, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and all over California and then I moved to NYC to keep living my dream.
I think of this as a songwriter's cd.
Here you will find the original version of "The Ocean".
I hope you'll order it and enjoy!

all my very best to you,

Jessica Star