Hi people!

Today was the eclipse! I thought it was a good day to write something new here!

I have been very focused on my new job at ECLIPSE! Ha ha, yes, AND they have promoted me to a " New Talent"! That is a good step and I'll be cutting hair and doing blow dries so, come on in!

Music wise I am booking my festivals for 2018, planning my next album, envisioning my new sound and new band...

Where do I want to play? What do I want to experience while I'm playing as far as the sound, energy, messages in the lyrics? I have ALOT OF FUEL for this next manifestation of my music!

I've been going to the NY Rennaissance Faire and I just love it. It's so playful and light to be there. 

And yes, that is my bike!!! I started riding this Spring and I LOVE it! She's a 2006 Harley Sportster XL883L.

I rode her to Virginia a few weeks ago~ photo by Tawny Woodchucker

Alright my sweets, be well!

Jessica Star