Jessica Star played the NYC Burning Man Decom 2007

We played the NYC Burning Man Decom at the Queens Museum of Art last Saturday night. What a great space for that party. Our set went off without a hitch. It was the first time Kentucky and I have played together live for an audience. It was cool. We played to pre-recorded tracks with drums and fiddle on them. It was the debut of “What she is”, my new dance tempo urban country song! Burners are a delightful crowd to play to. Thank you Decom volunteers for giving us a slot at that great party!

We played at 8pm so, we had the rest of the night for frolicking and partying. There is a huge replica of the five boroughs of NYC there at the museum. I mean, it’s a model of the layout of the boroughs and it’s really cool. There was a lot of great art and slide shows, dancing, pulled chicken tortilla wraps, domes with chill spaces and blinky lights and costumed stranglings.

It was cold enough to wear our fake furs!

Now I’m back to writing new tunes for my next cd. Have I mentioned that I’ve never made an album this way? In the past I put together the best of what I had and called it an album. This time I’ve decided what the flavor of the album will be and am writing and producing the songs to all go on that album. I know most artists probably do it that way but it’s a first to me! It’s all changed since I’ve gotten this digital equipment! I was listening to my older analog recordings compared to strictly digital and I can really see how analog has a smoother, lush and filled out feel. I think I’ll record everything analog and then convert to digital for the engineering and post production… Big words!

Ok, here’s the sermon:

A lot of times when you’re going after your dream, life can be frustrating. Meaning, the feeling of frustration is common. Don’t let it drag you into doubt. You gotta believe!!!

Believe in the reality that your dreams WANT to come true!!! Good dreams, I mean.

Yep, hey if wayyyy more people were bringing into this world the bright dreams that only they can see in their minds, think how much more fun this place would be?! That’s kind of like Burning Man. Everyone is an artist if they want to be at Burning Man. Humans being creative. Creativity makes us happier and might even make us want to share! Yep, I grew up in the post 60’s Bay Area of San Francisco and those hippies had a good effect on me!

Love ya,

Jessica Star