website construction! Live shows! Benefit jam!

My website is getting some lovely reconstruction! There is music on my site now! Soon we’ll be adding video! I’m very excited about this. 

Live performing has been great. I sang up in Harlem at the Dinosaur Barbque with Mo’Soul…


Jessica Star sings at the Red Lion with Last Tribe, NYC

Tonight I sang at the Red Lion on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village.

I sang with Last Tribe which is Jason Rosen, Antar (bass), Tomo (drums), Sing (lead rippin’ guitar) and Darin (awesome lead guitar). We also had a three…


Jessica Star rockin’ at the Baggot Inn, NYC

Tonight was really fun! I sang at the Baggot Inn again with Jason Rosen and his jam. My cool friend Kristen from yoga came with a friend of hers and that always makes for a good audience (to have buddies…


Jessica Star singing at the Baggot Inn, NYC!

I sang at the Baggot Inn last Tuesday, March 4th with Jason Rosen and his jam. What fun! He’s asked me to be in a band with him and his guys so I’ll be singing every Tuesday with them at…


I jammed last night at the Baggott Inn with Jason Rosen

I sang last night at The Baggott Inn with Jason Rosen and a whole host of talented musicians! Tuesday night jam in NYC’s Greenwich Village, not bad. It was fun. More of a funky R&B feel to the Country I’ve…