Positive comments about Mystical Creature!

I want to share a great piece of positivity that a fan wrote to Joseph and me about Mystical Creature!

"Was listening to Mystical Creature earlier today. "The Ocean" helped me kick a major case of writer's block.
Thanks to…


RISING; From The Vault- soon to be!

Soon, very soon I will have the physical cds of "RISING; From The Vault"!!!
This would make an excellent Christmas or Chanukah gift! In fact, I have four cds and you can get a set of all four of them…

Post FaerieCon East!

Today is Monday, and yes, it's the day after FaerieCon East. I'm tired but feeling really good about the weekend. We had a really fun show on Saturday and so many beautiful and CREATIVE revelers showed up!!! I got a…

preparing for FaerieCon East!

This is the very busy time before a big weekend festival or, convention as is this weekend. I'm very excited. I wasn't able to be at FaerieCon East last year. At the last minute, actually this week last year, my…

FaerieCon East!!!

Hey beautiful ones;)
I'm so excited, FaerieCon East is next week and we are playing on Saturday, November 7th at 1pm on the Mythic Stage!
I love FaerieCon and FaerieWorlds... Such creativity everywhere.. Humans at their finest.. 
Check out the…

post Pagan Pride glow

What an awesome show!!! We just got back from Syracuse, NY where we played at the Central Pagan Pride Project and it was really fun. What beautiful people! We played from 3-4pm and had a really good crowd. The weather…

4th of July Sale!!!

This is the last day of my "Solo" sale!

 "Solo", which is normally $15 is going to be only $10!
And if you buy any of my merchandise that is $15 or more, I'll include a "Solo" cd for only…

Preorders are released!

I just mailed out and emailed out all the preorders of RISING; From The Vault!!! Soon the album will be available to the rest of world!!
I had so much fun filling in the info on each song when I