Festival of Legends!!!

In two weeks we will be making our debut at the 
Festival of Legends!!!
It takes place April 25th and 26th in Chapel Hill, NC
and will also be my first time to that state.
So very soon I'll…

Preorders soon to be fulfilled!!!

My new release,"RISING; From The Vault" will soon be uncaged!!!
All of my glorious friends and fans who have preordered will be getting their music before it is available to the rest of the world!!!
My THANKS goes to Wheeler…

Preorder RISING; From The Vault!!!

I will be uncaging a new cd of all original music from my first album "Rising" that has never been released to the public until now but with a new title "RISING; From The Vault" and is due out this…

Rising; From the Vault

I'm very excited to let you know that I'll be releasing my album "Rising; From the Vault" soon! This was my very first studio album and it is beautiful. I recorded it with Bob Matthews who produced and engineered it…

Happy New Year!

Fare well 2014!
What a year! It was the year we made Mystical Creature, played a bunch of Faerie Festivals as well as other venues and at the end of August, I made some very serious changes. I am currently…

Happy Holidays!!!

I am giving a big, humongous THANK YOU to all of you who have helped me through this rocky path I've been on! I sent out the second shipment of CDs, pendant and tee shirt yesterday!!! Please, keep spreading the…

Mystical Creature CDs have shipped out!

Mystical Creatures CDs have shipped out for the holidays!!!
Thank you to all of you who ordered and are giving the gift of my music to people you care about this year!!!

Jessica Star

Mystical Creature for a holiday gift!

Hi Beautiful people! I am going to do something I don't usually do which is... I'm going to ask for your help! I'm going through a very rough time and I could use all the support I…

FaerieCon East!!!

Hi lovelies,
it's been a bit too long since I wrote. Believe me, I've been very busy! We just played the Terrapin House Concert in Glasgow, Delaware and that was AWESOME!!! Joseph built us an amazing stage with scaffolding and…

Commentary about our show at the Mother Earth Harvest Fair

"Oh why thank you! I truly had an amazing time listening and watching. Your music is perfection and I'm glad to add it to my conglomeration of listening material. Know your work will be cherished! You have such a positive…

Post show weekend update

It's Monday at 8:48am. This weekend was EPIC. I left Friday morning and met up with my bassist, Joseph, at Spoutwood Farm. We drove up to Syracuse, NY and played the next day at the Central NY Pagan Pride Project…