Black Rock City 2012

Wow! Burning Man was AWESOME this year! We rented an RV for the first time and it was definitely a good move. You really save a lot of physical energy when you can shut the door and chill in the air conditioning in the heat of the day and sleep in a cozy bed out of the dust. Also there’s the fridge, shower and kitchen!
This was my 11th burn and Ben’s 7th. We were 7-11. Ha ha. I reconnected with some great friends from Sonoma County, Garth Ferris and Ryan Butler. We had a jam session in Garth’s trailer last night around 5am! We danced til the sun came up on Thursday night at some amazing parties. I met people from Israel, Germany, Norway, Georgia, Austin, LA, Colorado, and many more places!
Ben and I spun fire last night!!!
Yes, Burning Man is still my favorite place on the planet for one week a year.