Count down to FaerieWorlds!

I leave in a week for Eugene, Oregon and my three shows in FaerieWorlds!!! As you can guess, the nervous excitement has begun. I’m getting over a nasty cold! The past two weeks have been full of illness and strain! My little boy had pink eye and strep throat at the same time, probably from camp. My husband and I both had and are coming out of some goo that made us cough a lot.
All par for the course I suppose.
Anyway, so much to do and much rehearsal before I embark on my first coast and my homeland. I’ll be camping and I am so looking forward to being under the stars and around fire dancing! My friend and drummer, Ken Om Crampton will be there with me!
Here are our shows in FaerieWorlds!

Village Stage
Saturday, July 27th at 1pm

NeverWorlds Stage
Saturday, July 26th at 6:30pm
Sunday, July 28th at 4:30pm


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