Early Fall

I'm still living in Brooklyn with my husband, baby boy, three cats, two banjos and four guitars. I've been taking a slide guitar class at the Jalopy Theater and School of Music with Ernest Vega. He is a really great guitarist! We're learning different open tunings. I try to just write about musical stuff here on my site but I've been experiencing a whole new dimension being a mom! Talk about challenging... It's a steep learning curve. Definitely makes you put your priorities in place. I feel like I'm becoming a butterfly but right now I'm in the metamorphosis stage. Alot of songwriters refer to their songs as children. Well, Joshua actually is a child and he is by far the best creation I've made. I think he'll be a better musician than me too! If he wants to be. I've been taking drives upstate and it's so green and beautiful. I crave clean air and wilderness. I'm from the woods basically and I've been living in NYC for almost exactly eight years! EIGHT YEARS!!!! I thought I'd be here for two! Ha! At two years being here I had just barely begun to understand this place. Someone told me that NY will show you what you're not. It really does. People ask me all the time what kind of music I play and write so the question has been one I ask myself frequently in attempts to give my elevator speech," folk-rock", "country-rock" ... And then people say to me, " you're a hippy. Everyone knows you're an Earth Mama".. So, maybe I play hippy rock. Now I'm smiling:) hippy rock!!!! HIPPY ROCK!!!! I write as my family sleeps amid the constant noise that is NYC... Good night to you, Jessica Star

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