exciting news! I’m recording my new song,“Boxes of tears” with Nashville’s top studio musicians!

Exciting news!!! I went in to the studio to record my new song,” Boxes of tears” with my producer this past Monday! We tracked his acoustic guitar and my lead vocals.Today we’re going to record drums, bass, electric and steel guitar,  piano and Hammond B3! The musicians on the session are some of the top studio musicians in Nashville. Here’s who I have playing and who they play with… Very exciting!

Drums - Vinnie Santoro - Johnny Cash, Shania Twain

Bass - Dave Francis - Pam Tillis, Trisha Yearwood

Electric Guitar/Pedal Steel - Russ Pahl - Vince Gill, Willie Nelson

Keyboards - Catherine Marx - Reba, Kelly Clarkson

Fiddle/Mandolin - Andy Leftwich - Ricky Skaggs

I love my life.

So, my album is coming along and it’s going to be beautiful. Like I’ve probably written already, it’s the first album I’ve planned out before hand. The others were recorded with the songs I had ready at the time, with many different styles. This one is all Country. We just saw Willie Nelson in concert and the pedal steel guitar player was amazing and he’s now going to be on my song… Blessed. I feel very fortunate. I can’t wait to share my music with the world!!!!

To summer,


Jessica Star, NYC