FaerieCon East!!!

Hi lovelies,
it's been a bit too long since I wrote. Believe me, I've been very busy! We just played the Terrapin House Concert in Glasgow, Delaware and that was AWESOME!!! Joseph built us an amazing stage with scaffolding and lights! It looks so good. It adds a whole new dimension to our show!
We have FaerieCon East coming up soon in Hunt Valley, Maryland! That is the first gathering of the Fae lovers that I attended and where I met alot of the folks who put on these wonderful festivals and who book me and my band to come play. FaerieCon East is really fun. We're going to play on Saturday, November 8th from noon to 1pm on the Mythic Stage in the Maryland Ballroom. We'll have our merchandise booth set up all weekend so if you happen to be there, come visit us! We may even be playing one of our acoustic sets at our booth:) We will be joined by our drummer, Bob Jones for our show at FaerieCon! This shot was taken after our Terrapin House Concert this past Saturday night.

Be well!

Jessica Star

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