I just got back from FaerieWorlds in Eugene, Oregon! Wow. What an amazing festival! This was definitely my best year. Joseph and I played on Friday with drummer, Michael Saint John and SJ Tucker sang harmony on Black Bird!!! We had electrical outages three times during the set which brought out my improv skills- I sang acapella for one verse of Red Phoenix Aflame and then right at the chorus, the sound came back on and we rocked electric for the rest of the set! Big thanks to Buck Potter and Athonwy Doherty at the NeverWorlds stage for their masterful sound skills!
We joined Sharon Knight and Winter on the Main Stage on Saturday for their set. That was an awesome experience! Sharon and Winter's music is so powerful and beautiful! SJ Tucker also joined them and it was so much fun!
Sunday, we played our best show on the NeverWorlds stage with drummer Michael and Sharon and Winter joined us! What a great time. We had our merchandise booth right across from Nymbol's Puppet Theater at the entrance of NeverWorlds. My husband and son, Josh got to come with us to FW this time and they loved it!

Our next show is Sunday, September 7th in Greenbelt, Maryland at the New Deal Cafe!