Full moon

Mmm, yep it’s a full moon out there tonight! So, I’ve been going through old papers from 2005 and all the napkins with partial song ideas, business cards of various musicians and people I’ve met since I’ve lived in NYC and even came across all of my mementoes from our trip to Amsterdam! So I’ve been reflecting on my path and where I am now and all the decisions that led me here. Pretty cool. I also keep journals which I find very helpful. Nice to look back and see what and who was important to you at different times. Like cards of people that at the time I had big hopes for working with only to realize we didn’t click or other people that casually gave me their email addresses and they became really good friends and still are. Right now I’m hanging with my cat who I found about five months after moving here after a recording session in Harlem… At the time I knew I couldn’t just leave her there so not knowing if I could keep her or not, she came home in a box, on the bus. Eight years later she’s still this magical and amazing being who loves it when I sing and play guitar.
Ah, you guessed it; it’s my midnight ramble. Just keeping in touch from the Big Apple!

Jessica Star