Greetings from Starville!

Wicked Faire is in TWO WEEKS!!!
I’m so excited to play music there!
I’ve been rehearsing with my new vocal effects box. It is so cool. It has over 200 different effects you can use on your voice… Everything from mild reverb to sounding like Bari White or an alien reptile… So cool. Of course the key I think is to learn it so well that you can use it subtly… Other news? I did it! I ordered the boots I’ve been drooling and fawning over for months. And they say Aries are hasty! They’re really pretty. Basically, think Mary Poppins. Practically perfect in every way;)
I’ve really been working on my song,“Black Bird” a lot. I’m using some cool vocal effects that go well with the song. I may have a drummer with me at Wicked Faire!
It’s snowy outside and there’s a fire in my hearth.
Good night sweet reader!