Happy New Year!

Fare well 2014!
What a year! It was the year we made Mystical Creature, played a bunch of Faerie Festivals as well as other venues and at the end of August, I made some very serious changes. I am currently in one of the most intense times of my life but what makes a diamond? A lot of things right? Pressure is the thing I'm talking about. Under pressure we make decisions that show ourselves and other what we are made of. I choose to stick to the truth. When you tell the truth, you only have to remember the truth. Truth is the sharpest blade. 
I am so grateful to all of my friends and fans who have helped me at this time! Because of you, my son and I had a really good holiday and I was able to buy him some presents! For any of you who actually know me, you know that I don't stay down too long. I gather depth and refine myself and then rise in a new and more appropriate form. I liken this phase to that of a Phoenix. I believe in listening to your heart. Your heart is your guide and will always guide you in the truest direction. That doesn't mean the easiest path at all! I do believe that if you follow your heart you will end up in the most perfect place. I believe!!!!! 
Mystical Creature and all of my merchandise is a great gift all year around! I could really use the help too;)

Bright blessings to you, the reader;)

Jessica Star