Happy New Year 2013!

Whew! We are currently en route to San Francisco after spending almost two weeks out here on the west coast. Last night I played my new baritone guitar at a house party in Ashland, Oregon with drummer, Michael Saint John. I really enjoyed playing music with him and my baritone! I also played Luna, my black acoustic electric. She is also a delight. So, Bari, my new baritone… We were walking down Haight street the day after we flew in to San Francisco and I had to go to Haight Street Music. I asked one of the guys there about what kind of guitar would play lower than a regular guitar and he said a baritone. He happened to have one and brought the most beautiful one out. The lowest string is a B under the low E on a regular guitar. It’s kind of a bass. You play it through a bass amp and the neck is longer and the frets are farther apart than a regular guitar. I love Bari. He’s heavy. Low and heavy and I love him. He’s a black electric Gretsch with silver sparkles… Love him.
We are almost at the end of our trip out here and we saw so many friends and fellow musicians.
Happy New Year all!

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