I'm graduating!!!

I miss you all!!! What have I been up to??? Well, I am about to graduate from Cosmetology school!!! Yes, and I found out that I am in good company as far as musicians who are stylists- apparently George Clintons' Parliament were hair dressers and the barber shop was the rehearsal space! It makes sense. I love cutting hair. I do it all- color, perms, make up, facials.. It's a very vast license and it gives me the ability to take my trade on the road with me. I'm thinking that when I travel to play shows, the day before or the day after we play, I can book clients. Yep, and of course, one day has to be for hunting through the local thrift shops and drinking coffee in the best coffee houses as well as finding the natural beauty of the places we travel to. I'm so excited to start working on my new album!!! I have a lot of fuel to work with at this point. A lot of life has happened in the past two years since I released Mystical Creature... 

Be well,