I miss you Black Rock!

Ok, after my 11th burn(times at Burning Man), I’m experiencing a kind of sad recompression into the Default World. I do love my life but I must say that there is no better city than Black Rock. Whenever we’re ready to be there all year, I’m on board! The climate in Black Rock is not the one I’d choose for the year around living but the energy of the people is. I had so much fun dancing!!! Dancing with everyone! Such good dj’s! And I got to play music with some of my old friends from California!
I guess in my head and heart I’m always more in Black Rock than completely enmeshed in the larger world… What can I say? I miss you, Citizens of BRC!!! Miss you and your beautiful carefree spirits!
And to you gypsys I met; live it! These folks are in the wind and on the road.

Miss you.

© 2017, Jessica Star ®