I sang tonight at Kenny’s Castaway’s for the Tuesday night jam with Jason Rosen

I just got home from the Tuesday night jam with Jason Rosen now happening at Kenny’s Castaways. What a cool venue! Have you ever heard musicians refer to themselves as “pirates” or “pirate types”? Well, Kenny’s Castaway’s is like the inside of a big ship! The jam was fun and the regular crew of jammers were there. I went and got myself some chicken kabob afterwards and hopped in a cab to come home to beautiful Brooklyn.

 I am still working on writing my new cd! Geez, it takes time sometimes. I’m working on writing these very cool Country songs that have a lot of soul and directly reflect my own experiences. It is fun. This will be the first cd that I’ve done that was made as a complete album- starting from the songwriting. The others were compilations of songs I had written over the years. There might be a few old songs (old only to me since you haven’t heard them) that I put on the cd but mostly it will be brand new creations.

It’s late, goodnight!

Jessica Star

Did I mention that “Jessica Star” is now a registered trademark?


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