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Holy socks Batman! It’s been a while since I wrote! Sorry!!!

Okay, I have the best excuse in the world; I’m raising my little son!

So, Grandma and Grandpa are here with him and I have some music time. I’m using part of my very precious “me time” to write to you and keep in touch with my readers.

Hi! Music, music, music. Country music and Country music in NYC!

Apparently there are some people in Sonoma County, where I used to live and perform, that thought I was still out there and I guess just hadn’t been playing out for a while. Funny. I’ve been here in NYC for almost eight years! That’s a long time not to see someone. Thanks for thinking of me you folks who have gotten in touch recently to ask when I’m playing next in Northern California. That’s a nice feeling.

  I’m reading the best book. It’s called “Finding her voice” an illustrated history of women in Country music. Such a good read. I love learning the history of things I’m interested in. This book starts in the Appalachian Mountains with women teaching their daughters and granddaughters songs that came over with their mothers from Europe and goes all the way to almost the present time. So many female artists, who spent their lives and energy making their brand of Country music, most are names most people have never heard of.  Does it make their missions any less valid that they weren’t rich or famous? Some of them were very rich and famous but it was so long ago that no one knows of them now. I met a girl in her 20’s who didn’t even know who Chrissie Hynde is (The Pretenders).

  So, learning that NYC once had a very thriving Country music scene is very interesting to me. Nashville wasn’t always the epicenter of Country music! I’m learning about all these folk rock singer/songwriters who came out of California that went on to be Country musicians! That’s like me! So cool. I mean, cool to be a pioneer for sure but also nice to know there were others that came before you doing pretty much what you do, just forty years earlier.

  I just had my first guitar lesson this week with a new teacher. I’m learning music theory. Wow. My teachers name is Hiro and he plays jazz guitar. We both agree that Led Zeppelin is the best Rock band ever.

  Alright, as much as I’d like to go on, I need to play some music. I’ll just try to write more often.


Live that dream!


Jessica Star, NYC

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