Jessica Star blogs about her new Country cd and recent show

Hey y’all!

Greetings from Brooklyn, NY where Country music does indeed live!

I’m still writing new songs for my upcoming Country cd and I’m well on my way. I’ve got about 14 so far and my goal is to have about 20 and then choose the strongest 12 songs for album. I’ve never written a whole album before and it’s a really fun process. My past three albums have been compilations of songs that I already had finished that we recorded and put out as an album. The thing about that way of doing it is, at least for me, you get a variety of genres. This way of writing is more focused and I think it’s going to end with a very cohesive Country cd.

My show last Friday at the Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem was very fun. I sang with Jason Rosen’s band for a good three hours and then went home and enjoyed delicious barbeque at 3am.

That’s all for now,

Jessica Star

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