Jessica Star blogs on 11-11-09 about music and mommyhood

Wow. I’m a new mom and time sure does go fast! So, I’ve been working my music back into my new life as a full time mommy. I have A LOT of creative energy right now and a lot of music and lyrics flowing through my head. And now thanks to family members who love hanging with Joshua, I have a fairly regular schedule of time that I can work in my studio while they get some one on one time with little man. It’s a win-win situation. It’s also cool because when I finish after a few hours in my studio, Joshua and I miss each other!

I’ve been playing my black electric guitar when I practice. It’s so cool. I’m like a kid; I just get so excited with new instruments.

Alright, I just wanted to keep you all informed of what’s going on in Starland.


I hope you’re enjoying yourselves!


Jessica Star