Jessica Star is having a baby boy!!!

Well, we got our 20 week sonogram yesterday in NYC and the baby is a boy! Looks very healthy, smart, funny and cute. Oh, it also looks very talented. It is so mind bending to watch a little person moving around in your belly! I mean, I’m aware of it and I know it’s happening inside me but when you actually see it on a monitor with those 3-D shots where you can really see it’s (his) features… Absolutely wild. The funny thing is, it’s the most normal thing in the world and that’s how every one of us got here! I watch so much sci-fi that sometimes when I think about birth and how women are the only way people are born onto this planet, it seems almost old fashioned. Like the test tube way of doing it and science taking over is the more “posh” way to create babies but, at this point and hopefully forever actually, babies are born through women. Nothing else can recreate the loving environment that a real mommy provides.

I’m hoping to glean some songwriting inspiration today from our sonogram experience yesterday. Oh, the baby was moving around the entire time we were watching it! A Very active New Yorker!


Jessica Star


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