Jessica Star playing solo at the Red Lion, NYC on Tuesday, May 6th from 7- 8:30pm

That’s right!

I’m doing my troubadour bit at the Red Lion this coming Tuesday night. It’s the “come to my show when you get out of work” slot… A great way to spend a Tuesday evening in spring…

What else? I’ve been singing with the rockin’ Jason Rosen every Tuesday night LATE at the Baggot Inn for his official jam and it has been a blast.

The last Tuesday we’ll do there is going to be May 20th. After that we’re moving over to Kenny’s Castaways in the same neighborhood.

After my gig on Tuesday, May 6th, most likely I’ll be singing at the Baggot with Jason and crew.

For you gardeners: Our Brooklyn garden is majorly sweet this year already.

There is tranquility in the city.


Keep dreaming,


  Jessica Star



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