Jessica Star rocked with Jason Rosen’s “Last Tribe NYC” at the Red Lion tonight!

Wow! Just came home from the Red Lion show… Nice one. The band, “Last Tribe NYC” was SMOKIN’!!! We ripped it up for 3 hours on a Monday night. That crowd down there on Bleeker Street really knows how to have a good time!

My belly is growing and growing! I just saw the pictures from tonight’s show. It’s amazing how much your body can change in so short a time. I really am having a blast being pregnant. I was the girl who didn’t know if I ever wanted to have kids; it didn’t look all that appetizing as I looked around at people who were doing it but, I read somewhere lately that it’s God’s secret really that you never know how amazing the journey is until you’re on it. I believe that. We’re just beginning the journey and it’s amazing.

I think this was Nugget’s fifth gig so far. Yes, Nugget is what we call the little one inside. Of course, we’ll name it something more appropriate once it’s born!

Okay, it’s 4:14am and I am officially TIRED!

Good night fair reader,


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