Jessica Star singing at the Baggot Inn, NYC!

I sang at the Baggot Inn last Tuesday, March 4th with Jason Rosen and his jam. What fun! He’s asked me to be in a band with him and his guys so I’ll be singing every Tuesday with them at the Baggot Inn until it apparently closes. Yep, word has it that it is another NYC club that will be shutting down. Wha! Expensive rent!

We had a great time on Tuesday. I sang lead on about 10 songs and harmony on a bunch of others. Bassist, Kentucky Parkis and Drummer, Dave Dawson were there and playing. Also Karel, the jazzy sax player was there and we all shared the stage and made some wild sounds!

It’s a good work out for me and I really do enjoy it. It IS a jam so if you’re a musician, come down and bring your instrument!

Rock on, rock on, rock on,

Jessica Star