Jessica Star sings at the Red Lion with Last Tribe, NYC

Tonight I sang at the Red Lion on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village.

I sang with Last Tribe which is Jason Rosen, Antar (bass), Tomo (drums), Sing (lead rippin’ guitar) and Darin (awesome lead guitar). We also had a three piece horn section!

The gig was from 1-4am! Once again; YEEHAW. I love late nights.

It’s 4:41am as I write. I only stayed at the gig til 3am. It was my first time singing with those guys at that particular gig. It’s pretty much the same musicians as at the Baggot Inn jam on Tuesdays. I give a big shout out to MAC make-up! That stuff stays on and looks pretty much the same as when you put it on, hours afterwards and even after my gigs. Their lipstick really rocks.

I could blab on about all sorts of related and unrelated subjects but instead, I’m going to say goodnight!

Jessica Star

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