Joseph and I fly to Oakland, California this Saturday to spend two weeks recording with Winter!!!!!

I was born in Oakland and I think it’s really interesting that I recorded my first album in Berkley( next door to Oakland) back in 1995 at Fantasy Studios and now, 19 years later(!!!) I’m returning to record my fourth album with Winter Sichelschmidt at El Mundo Bueno Studios!
Yep, I released “Solo”, my third album, in 2002. That same year I moved to NYC and began my metamorphosis into what I am now, a New Yorker. It happened. I really am a New Yorker! I am so friggin busy and focused.
Another focus that has been really intense is that I just became a Zumba instructor and last night I taught the entire Zumba class by myself! I have a ballet, modern and jazz background and haven’t really danced since 1993 when I switched over to being a musician. I went to a Zumba class at our gym about a year ago and fell in love! It’s so fun!
My favorite Zumba teacher has to take a break to heal some injuries and I just felt like I needed to step up. I got certified as a Zumba instructor and I’ve been learning about two to three routines a week along with focusing on my new album. So, I’m taking over her class while she heals and I am having a great time with it. Yes, very busy but all amazing creations. I’ll be gone from my new class for the next two weeks while I make my new album and then I’ll be back and we will be getting hot and sweaty! Yeah, I said it!
My husband and I have been working diligently on forging this reality for eleven years. We got married, had our son Joshua and recently bought an amazing house. Oh, and we JUST got the cutest dog!
So, I have been writing these songs I’ll be recording and shaping myself and my music and now it’s time to make my new record. We have thirteen songs! I feel this will be my best album so far for many reasons. One reason is that I’m working with a bunch of my fellow musicians who tour and play the same festivals that I’ve been playing for the past two years. Finding these kindred spirits has been amazing. I left my whole tribe out in Northern California in 2002 to live my dream. I missed everyone for years (eleven and counting)!!!!!! It took me a very long time to find more kindred spirits. I had to keep following the truest feelings in my heart and inner guidance and whalah! I found the Faery Festivals!
Tomorrow, my last day home before my two week epic studio journey, will be very busy getting ready and preparing. As a mom of both my little boy and three cats and a new dog, I have a lot of Beings depending on me. My absence is felt very deeply. My husband and family understand my dreams and my need to fulfill them. They support me in every way.
I love my life. I am so honored to be able to live and experience the reality I’m in.
I still miss my west coast people so much and hopefully I’ll be able to see some of them while I’m out there although two weeks is a very short time to record an entire album. I feel that my life is coming full circle. (Exhale)....

Thank you God!