Just played the Maryland Faerie Festival

What a weekend! We got to the Maryland Faerie Festival on Friday night at almost midnight. On Saturday we were scheduled to play at 3pm, right after Frenchy and the Punk on the main stage. As they were finishing their set, a huge rain storm came in and our set was rained out! It happens! Last year we played as the storm came in and Telesma got their set rained out, now I know how that feels. It's a very weird feeling. At first I was ok with it because, what can you do? It rained hard! But as 3pm hit and we were sitting in the cabin all dressed and prepared to rock a set, I felt disappointment and kind of sad. We just have so much fun playing. We missed that fun! But the cool thing that happened is that we got to chill and hang out with these amazing people that we see at the festivals but are usually too busy to really talk with for any length of time. The rain made everything slow way down. It was kind of neat. Wotan and Waura, the Faery Smashers were there all the way from Seattle and we got to spend time with them:) Scott and Samantha of Frenchy and the Punk were there and they were great as usual. 
Today we had a noon show on the main stage and it went very well and was fun. The weather was good! Afterwards we sold CDs and tank tops! We also walked the merchants road and wished happy Mother's Day to all the moms, including me!
Now we're driving back home to New York.
Thank you Faeries!