My X Factor audition

Yes, my little boy handed me a flier for the X Factor audition last Saturday. He’s two. We were at the Jersey mall getting sunglasses and they were promoting the show with a karaoke booth. My son walked right up, grabbed a flier and came over with daddy and said,“Mama” and handed it to me.
I spent the week preparing. Figuring out material and practicing.
All of that while being a mom to a two year old; thank you family for helping out so much this week so that I could go follow my dreams!
I woke up at 3 am on Wednesday morning, the day of registration and 4 am on Thursday, the day of the audition.
The actual audition was all of about 45 seconds.  I sang my original song,” What she is”. I figured that showing them exactly who I am is the way to go. Otis Redding said “just do you”.
I wore my rock and roll finery and had freshly gotten my hair done copper red. The man listened and then he said, “That’s gonna be a no for today.”
I have mixed emotions about not getting at least into the first round. This is what I do, I’m a singer. They’re looking for something that they did not see in me. Someone said to me recently that I was probably better off for not getting a different audition a while back when I auditioned to be the new lead singer of INXS. I think of these moves as the chance card in Monopoly.
Ah well, two days of my life spent in Newark, NJ. I met some really cool people in line the day of the audition. There was alot of camaraderie. To me it was like a musical circus! You should have seen the many women in their mini skirts and platform heels. I saw no less than two fully picked out Afros on beautiful women.
I hung out with Daniel from Bachelor Party. Super cool. If you read this Daniel, NICE STAR SHIRT!!! And these two thirteen year olds and one of their dads. They were so fun to wait with. Any of you get a golden ticket? Did you drink out of the chocolate fountain?
Well, I did have a great time all in all. And Tiger. Punk rock singer hooper. I enjoyed talking with you at 7:30 am. Did we get on the news?!?!
Back to plan A,

Jessica Star

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