Mystical Creature for a holiday gift!

Hi Beautiful people!
I am going to do something I don't usually do which is...
I'm going to ask for your help!
I'm going through a very rough time and I could use all the support I can possibly get. We may even hold a fundraiser! For now, I'm going to ask that if you like or even love what I do musically, please consider my newest album, Mystical Creature, as a holiday gift!!! It's only $20! I will autograph it to whomever you'd like and make sure it gets to them before the holidays. Have you listened to Mystical Creature? I wrote all the songs and have amazing musicians who are friends of mine, maybe even friends of yours playing on it. I truly believe the receiver of Mystical Creature would be very happy with all the love and true joy that went into the creation of that album. 
I also have digital downloads of individual songs or the whole cd for $9.99
There are eye pendants, my two older CDs and even temporary tattoos!!!
You can also help me out by simply going on to Spotify and putting in my name in the search for artists and listening to any or all three of my albums. I actually get paid, not much but it does add up!
I can't divulge the details of my situation, just know that it's not a physical problem. It is however, very serious, costly, and extremely stressful. I am reaching out to my community for support. 
I thank you ahead of time for your generosity and caring...
See you at the next show!
If you'd like to donate, my paypal account is
i truly appreciate all help!
~Jessica Star