New Deal Cafe!!!

I just had such a friggin amazing weekend! I drove down to Maryland on Friday and rehearsed with my bassist, Joseph Blackfeather, and then we played at The New Deal Cafe on Saturday night with Brett Alexander Zwerdling as a guest drummer. We had a great time playing. Joseph built a stage set with scaffolding and beautiful curtains. It looked really nice and was the perfect accent for our show. Thank you to all of you who came to hear us play! We hope to play there again soon.
Sunday we went to the Maryland Renn Faire and Joseph introduced me as his singer. I loved it! I’m usually the one doing the introductions of “my drummer, my bassist”. It was great to be his singer. The Maryland Renn Faire is HUGE! We ran into Cu Dubh a few times and saw a bunch of friends including Alan and Deb O’Connor.
What a fantastic day.
Then, today I drove up to my friend, Cynthia’s house and we went to check out Bube’s Brewery to see where I wanted to play. It is soooo cool and magical!
We are going to have my cd release party there on Saturday, March 29th in the ballroom!
Cynthia is also working on her new cd. Her band is Sofeya and the Puffins!
I’m so grateful. I have met and am supported and surrounded by amazing people.