New Year’s in New Mexico

We just got home from nine days in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico! What’s there? Friends and natural hot springs! We soaked at least two to three times a day, every day and ate a lot of Mexican food. It’s such a trippy place. We were there for New Year’s and went to a party at an Italian restaurant in the town. I’m very happy to be home even if it is to come back to the city of cold, wet weather.

If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know I’m very pregnant. I’m in my eighth month and I’m pretty huge. More rotund every day. It’s cool, I’m digging it. One of the things we noticed once we left NYC for our travels is that people say things to pregnant women that they really shouldn’t. It’s like they think that just because you’re pregnant, it gives them license to stop editing their mouths and just say whatever they want and the pregnant woman is supposed to just take it. Lucky for them I did hold my tongue. I have a pretty sharp comeback unless I’m trying to be good. Also, when you’re pregnant, you’re way more emotional and hormonal so it’s kind of ironic that that’s when people start saying whatever they want to about your size, looks, etc. If you’re reading this and you know someone or interact with someone who is pregnant, the only real good thing to say is something along the lines of,” you are absolutely radiant!” Get my drift? We don’t need to be reminded of how huge we are. We also don’t need the unprofessional opinion about how we look like we’re going to “pop one out any day”. Geez! Learn some manners! It’s alright, I wrote a song about it.  More fuel for the fire!

Jessica Star and little Nugget