NY Faerie Festival Fun(d)raiser this weekend!!!

This Saturday night, my band will be playing deep in the forest on The Forest Stage with some awesome bands! I’m so excited!
It’s the NY Faerie Festival Fall Fun(d)raiser!!! Three days of fun and music!
Other news? My little family and I moved out of our house of three years on August 31st and we are waiting for our house to close (buying a house!). So we are living in a hotel with our cats! We have a little mini fridge but no kitchen. We’ve been eating in restaurants a lot. I usually cook almost everything we eat and I’m pretty militant about my food. It’s challenging, eating healthy when you’re eating out.
I think of it as being on tour or at least preparation for touring.
We call this a ‘staycation’...
We have also been having a great time going to the NY Renn Faire on the weekends. It’s just so pleasant, especially with our little boy!
I added a guitar effects machine to my musical mix… It’s a laboratory!!!