NY Faerie Festival this weekend!!!!

Wow. Tomorrow we leave the mortal realm for the Dream….
One year ago this weekend, I saw a picture of myself at the NYFF and I didn’t look the way I thought I did. I was chunky and 23 pounds heavier than I am now. I decided right then to lose weight and be disciplined with my food and also find the right work out. I hardly ever eat in restaurants anymore. I eat the highest quality organic and non- GMO food available. I found Body Pump (lifting weights to music) and Zumba! I go to those classes as often as I can. One year later I embark on the NYFF and the place that kicked off my year long life style change!
Also, I am playing with my band this year! Ken Om Crampton on drums and Joseph Blackfeather on bass!
NYFF shows:

High Noon Friday opening act on the Starstage.
12:45 Saturday on Market Stage, 4:15 @ Circle Stage
3:00 Sunday @ Gateway Stage

Here is a shot from last year at the NYFF!