Post New York Faerie Festival

Egads! The forecast for the NY Faerie Festival area was rain all weekend but I thought,” how often are they really right?” So I meticulously packed all of our camp gear, food, suitcases, etc.. My husband said we should get a hotel and forget about camping. He went to college in Binghamton and he knows that if it’s going to rain anywhere, it would be there. I said,“I want to camp!”
Well, we should have just left our camp gear at home! As we were heading up, it started raining, we got a tarp and he wrapped the bedding, which was on the roof, in the tarp. We were getting texts from my band and camp mates about monsoon rains and then about how they closed the road to the campground- no in or out. Sigh… We booked a hotel. We brought all our pertinent stuff inside and as I took a hot bath and fell asleep in a clean white bed, felt super guilty that my band and friends were now stuck in the rainy, muddy campground and were sleeping in their cars ( drummer found the barn).
Friday; we got to the festival right before my first show, opening the festival and my band was already on stage and ready to play!
I wore black galoshes. It was not raining but extremely muddy and really hot and muggy. This was my band’s first time actually playing together. They sounded good!
We spent the rest of Friday meeting up with other friends and trying to gage whether we could camp. I really wanted to camp! I wanted to have the tribal community feeling. Hotels don’t really give you that.
So, Friday evening a big storm came in and we sequestered ourselves in Billy Bardo’s Tudor house and were entertained by an impromptu concert by The Bardo Brothers! (I’ve added a picture of the Bardo Brothers)