Post NYFF part 2

Friday night we went back to the hotel and slept. Saturday morning we got up early and made it to the festival with plenty of time for me and the band, Ken Om Crampton on drums and Joseph Blackfeather on bass, to set up and sound check before we started playing. Our set was hot and full of vigor! It was so fun although we didn’t get any video of Saturday’s shows. Our next set was a half hour later on the Market stage so we boogied down the road and set up and sound checked again and then played. It was an awesome set which crescendoed into Cu Dubh ending their drum and bagpipe song as they led a procession for The Queen, right before they walked in front of our stage. We were playing The River and were in the instrumental part as the Queen walked by… Awesomeness! Then as the procession departed, I went into the last verse. So much fun!
I’ve added a shot of the band in the barn. Ken is on the left ( no hair), Joseph is on the right ( braids).
After our show we just happily walked around and enjoyed the festival.