Post show weekend update

It's Monday at 8:48am. This weekend was EPIC. I left Friday morning and met up with my bassist, Joseph, at Spoutwood Farm. We drove up to Syracuse, NY and played the next day at the Central NY Pagan Pride Project at 11am and 3pm. We heard John Harford and his band Ashangal! We heard Tim Parker and his son play in their duo, Arethusa--- AWESOME. We witnessed the sounds of Project Wendigo!!! We met so many beautiful people. We saw the amazing belly dance troup, Adi Shakti World Fusion Bellydance
Then we packed it up and drove back down to Glen Rock, PA to play on Sunday at noon and 3pm at Spoutwood Farm for the Mother Earth Harvest Fair! Those folks at Spoutwood are so good at putting on well run events. I'll say the same for John Harford who was the entertainment coordinator for the Pagan Pride Project. I love working with people that make it easier!!!
We had such beautiful dancers dancing to our music at Spoutwood!!! The colors of their fans and scarves was just glorious. So many nice people.  We loved every second of this weekend...
Then we drove home; me back up to NY and Joseph to his home in Maryland. I brought just my guitars and suitcase in last night. Today I will unload the rest and REST!!!!

thank you!

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