Spoutwood Fairie Festival and The Maryland Fairy Festival!!!

Well, it was almost three weeks ago but Spoutwood Fairie Festival was amazing!!!!!
I went with my husband and son and played twice on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a total of six shows. My friend, Ken Om Crampton http://www.eyeclopes.com/oracle/
accompanied me on his eclectic drums. It was so fun. So many people come to that one. We played Friday and one of the staff said,” you think that was fun? Wait til tomorrow, that’s when everyone gets here.” My big lesson for that trip was to respect the power of Red Bull and even though it helps you drive home at night, it really takes a toll. Nah, it wasn’t six shows in three days;) It was the Red Bull! Anyway, it was a great time and I loved it.
The next weekend, Mother’s Day weekend, I played at The Maryland Fairy Festival.
Ken and I played five shows in two days. One of which was a two hour set down by the stream… Alan and Deb O’Connor renewed their Handfasting vows and asked us to play for them during the ceremony and it couldn’t have been more synchronistic. We finished our 90 minute set and as I was retuning, Deb cascaded through the meadow on a white unicorn ( with pastel rainbow hair- the unicorn that is) and we launched into Everlasting Life. Then we played Cupid’s Arrow as they were reciting their vows to each other in front of a big crowd of costumed friends.
We shared the Stage with Frenchy and The Punk
and Telesma http://telesmaband.com/
on Sunday which was great.
I really enjoyed the event. My only regret was not having enough time in between all my shows to really check out the vendors but my husband and son brought me back a coveted pair of wire wrap elf ears right before my last show on Sunday on the Main Stage. I also got an amazing black leather vest from The Leather Lair.
It’s so beautiful!
I met so many cool new friends.
Last weekend I went with my husband and son to The Steampunk World’s Fair.
So now I set my sights on The New York Fairy Festival at the end of June
and then, FaerieWorlds in Eugene, Oregon at the end of July!
People ask me where I play and I say,” Fairy Festivals” and smile…

© 2017, Jessica Star ®