We are in Faerie Magazine!!!

Yes, I have realized a dream of mine; to have my music advertised in Faerie Magazine!
Once upon a time there was a minstrel( me) who traveled across the country to realize her music and life dreams in New York City...
She left a tribe of good friends on the west coast. Her vision, to connect with tribes from the east and bridge the coasts...
Fresh from a world of ocean, forests, community.. Day after day, year after year she played her music for the city folk and they listened. They liked what they heard but the city is vast, fast and expensive..
On a bitter cold winter day in Union Square, Manhattan, our minstrel was feeling the loneliness of the city, the busyness of the people, the absence of close friendship.
Like a beacon of light peeping out from behind a new age magazine at Barnes and Nobel was Faerie Magazine!
She picked it up and perused through the pages, deciding to buy it then and there.
That is when I read about the growing community of Mythic artists in the Realm of Faerie. The Faerie Path.
The path I'm on was ignited that day with the finding of that magazine.
That was over eight years ago.
And this is just the beginning!

© 2017, Jessica Star ®