Welcome to 2020!!! 
It’s a new year and a whole new way of looking at life. Remember, it’s all about perspective.

Please enjoy this site- the music, the photos, and the journal!


Jessica Star


Jessica Star®️ & Northern Throttle play the Tallman Pool! 

It’s time kids! Time to come out of the woodwork, out from the shadows and into the fresh air and breeze of the beautiful Hudson River. Come join me and my band as we embark on our first concert this year! And what a year it’s been. It’s high time for the music and revelry that is Jessica Star & Northern Throttle! Come hear what everyone is talking about!

Yoga class suggested donation buttons added to store! 

Hi everyone,

in my adapting to our new circumstances, I have been teaching live yoga classes through my Facebook profile at https://www.facebook.com/jessicastar . If you’ve enjoyed one or more of these classes and would like to donate, I’ve added three buttons in my online store here so you can choose to donate $10, $15, or $20. I really appreciate it. If you’d like to opt for a cd and get something physical you can play, just let me know you took a class! Let’s keep our spirits high and healthy during this strange global phenomenon! 

Jessica Star

Old No.7 Band Halloween Show!!! 

THIS SATURDAY!!!! Come to Piermont, NY to The Turning Point for The Old No.7 Band’s annual Halloween Show!!!

I am the new lead singer of this band and they are really good. This is going to be a fun night full of great music, costumes and Halloween! Buy your tickets early to make sure you can get in! I hope to see you there 🎃 


Jessica Star

Piermont Farmers Market  

I just played at the Farmers Market- no tent- under clouded sky- plugged in- electric. Got 5 songs in and drip drop 💧.. I had accidentally brought my acoustic in the gig bag- had to run home before the show to get my electric but then I thought hhhm... maybe.... Joe the manager of the market brought a tent for me and I morphed into my acoustic self and played just me and my Alvarez unplugged. The rain came down the whole time- I played for three rainy hours happily under the tent Joe brought and someone likened me to the musicians on the Titanic that kept playing for the people as the boat sank.. keep the people in a good mood... it was totally enjoyable! I love Piermont 💕

New lead singer of the Old No. 7 Band!!! 

More exciting news! Hot off the presses!!!


I am the new lead singer of The Old No. 7 band! You can catch us around Rockland County! I’ve listed all the upcoming shows for me solo, as a duo, with my band Northern Throttle, and with The Old No. 7 Band!!!

I went from barely playing to TOTALLY PLAYING!!!


Thank you Universe for hearing my hearts desire!!!

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Previous events

Cyberwood May Day Faerie Festival

Live on Facebook! Join the group!

A cyber celebration of the Fae and the coming of May! For those of us who were so blessed to experience and perform at the beloved Spoutwood Faerie Festival, we come together durning this unprecedented time to raise our spirits, dance around the maypole and welcome in the new season!

Janis Joplin Birthday Tribute with Jessica Star and Northern Throttle

 —  —

The Turning Point, 468 Piermont Avenue, Piermont, NY 10968

We all know there was only one Janis. My band and I will pay tribute to this magnificent soul on her actual birthday at a fantastic venue, the legendary Turning Point! This will be a 4-6pm show/party and we want you to dress in a manor that will help transport you to a time not so far in our distant past, a time relevant to now... Come revel with us for Janis on this winter day in Piermont!


Jessica Star with The Old No. 7 Band

Pier 701, 701 Piermont Ave , Piermont, NY 10968

I’m singing with the Old Number 7 Band this night at a great spot in Piermont right on the water! This is going to be a very fun night- come for dinner, drinks and live music!