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Be well,
Jessica Star




Hi everyone! My gigantic apologies for the lapse in checking in here! An independent musician has got to make her way in the world and I do that by my other love, hair! Today I got gussied up at the salon where I work as a New Talent Stylist, at Eclipse Aveda Concept salon in Tarrytown, NY! I went from dark purplish black to blond!!! It took about five weeks or so of removing color, waiting, removing more color and then today we went full tilt boogie and morphed me into a pearly blond! I promise I’ll have something musical to report soon! My life is an ever unfolding flower🌺



be well!



Valentines Day 

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! 

I hope your hearts feel so much love that you can’t help but smile!

”don’t hold a grudge or a chip and here’s why; bitterness keeps you from flying.

Always stay humble and kind”

wise words! Forgiveness is so crucial to ourselves being happy. Forgive yourself.

Love is the most powerful force in the cosmos!!!!!



Egads it's been forever since I wrote! Sorry! My next festival appearance is the Festival of Legends in North Carolina!!! Check out the events listing to see the details! 

Time seems to move faster and faster these days. It is FREEZING here in NY! My motorcycle is in climate controlled storage... Wha... 



Hi people!

Today was the eclipse! I thought it was a good day to write something new here!

I have been very focused on my new job at ECLIPSE! Ha ha, yes, AND they have promoted me to a " New Talent"! That is a good step and I'll be cutting hair and doing blow dries so, come on in!

Music wise I am booking my festivals for 2018, planning my next album, envisioning my new sound and new band...

Where do I want to play? What do I want to experience while I'm playing as far as the sound, energy, messages in the lyrics? I have ALOT OF FUEL for this next manifestation of my music!

I've been going to the NY Rennaissance Faire and I just love it. It's so playful and light to be there. 

And yes, that is my bike!!! I started riding this Spring and I LOVE it! She's a 2006 Harley Sportster XL883L.

I rode her to Virginia a few weeks ago~ photo by Tawny Woodchucker

Alright my sweets, be well!

Jessica Star

3 Festivals!!! 

Hi! Good news! I have three nice festivals coming up! 

Festival of Legends, Avalon Faery Festival, and the New York Faerie Festival!
I will be playing solo this time around, something I like to do. The Festival of Legends is down in North Carolina, the Avalon Faery Festival is in paw Paw ,West Virginia, and the NY Faerie Festival in upstate NY.

I have been working ALOT at Eclipse Aveda Salon learning the ropes of (right now) being an assistant and eventually, a stylist. I've also been teaching Zumba twice a week! Yes, multiple things to make my life work. It does work though and I love it! 

I'm off to sleep now!


shooting video for "Hold me tight"! 

Shooting I am on the Amtrak on my wayyyyy up north to shoot a video for the duet "Hold me tight" that I recorded with legendary reggae artist, Hylton Beckford. 
How did so much time go by since my last journal entry?! Yikes! I have been working at Eclipse Aveda Salon as an assistant and learning the ropes of being a professional stylist! 
I had a small show at a coffee house in Tarrytown, NY last month - 2 hours of me solo! That was fun! 
Basically rocking my life. 
I'm super excited about tonight and playing music up there. 
Ok, rock on y'all!

Almost the end of summer 

So much has unfolded in my life! I've graduated from Cosmotology school and have started working at Eclipse- an Aveda Concept salon- in Tarrytown, NY! It turns out there are a lot of stylists that are also musicians so I'm in good company❤️. I really love this new world that I've found. I had no idea I was going to be a stylist and I'm thrilled about it! That is the wondrous thing about life; If you don't like the road you're walking down, like Dolly Parton says, you gotta walk down a different road ( or something like that). Another very cool thing about working a job is that for me, I've always found inspiration while working; Rainy Day ( off of Solo) was written while I was waitressing in Fairfax, CA on an extremely rainy day. Grateful Day (Solo) was written as I was driving to another waitressing job in Marin County, CA- I passed a park that used to be where the Grateful Dead Family stayed, in I think, the early 70's.. It also used to be the home of Native Americans ( much earlier). Let's see, Cupid's Arrow was written at a coffee shop in the early morning hours in San Rafael, CA while I was fueling up to go be the Muffin Girl ( another story)... So, as I was working in the salon today ( my first full weekend) I was feeling musical inspiration coming through and also, the music playing in the salon is pretty good so that helps too. 

Last weekend I went to the NY Rennaissance Festival with my son and our friends! It was very fun! 
Oh,, and my hair is jewel tones of jade and deep bluish purple mixed with dark brown- kind of like an oil spill! 


I'm graduating!!! 

I miss you all!!! What have I been up to??? Well, I am about to graduate from Cosmetology school!!! Yes, and I found out that I am in good company as far as musicians who are stylists- apparently George Clintons' Parliament were hair dressers and the barber shop was the rehearsal space! It makes sense. I love cutting hair. I do it all- color, perms, make up, facials.. It's a very vast license and it gives me the ability to take my trade on the road with me. I'm thinking that when I travel to play shows, the day before or the day after we play, I can book clients. Yep, and of course, one day has to be for hunting through the local thrift shops and drinking coffee in the best coffee houses as well as finding the natural beauty of the places we travel to. I'm so excited to start working on my new album!!! I have a lot of fuel to work with at this point. A lot of life has happened in the past two years since I released Mystical Creature... 

Be well,


the Steampunk World's Fair!!! 

Wow! We just got home from two days of shows at the Steampunk World's Fair and let me tell you, it was a GREAT TIME!!! I am so happy with the whole weekend. What a great event. So many creative people all in one place. I just love festivals and events like these. We met alot of really cool people and we got to PLAY!!! My new guitar sounds soooo good! I love her. She purrs... She roars.. She chimes.. I just love her. My band is badass. We played on the main stage outdoors, The Midway Stage... So, Saturday during our set, we were rocking on Wesa and I was just digging in and totally loving my distortion on my guitar and the storm started in!!! After our song, which was only about halfway through our set, they had to have everyone vacate the outside due to impending weather!!! So, then we played today and the sun came out and it got warmer as we went.. We played everything and had a really beautiful crowd of steampunkers and we even got to do The River at the end as an extra! What a great time. Thank you Jeff Mach and Genevieve!!! We love your events. The staff, Circuit 6 sound and light crew, all the volunteers, all the bands totally rock. And now, I bid you goodnight!

Jessica Star

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