Jes and Fran!

If you're reading this, you've made it through my site to this most current journal entry! Well, the most recent and exciting musical news is that Fran and I have launched our new website and we're sharing our first three songs with the world! It's very thrilling to hear people's feedback and yes, it's extremely well received. Fran and I have been working on recording for the past two or three years and we've been writing original songs and also reworking cover tunes that we both love. “Song to the Siren” is one of our favorites both as the recording and playing it live. It's a Tim Buckley song from the 1970's that I learned by listening to This Mortal Coil. Their version is very different than the one we've come up with! Have a listen and then go find This Mortal Coil's version. You won't even recognize it! 

On that note, I bid you a lovely beginning of summer,


Jessica Star