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Jessica Star



Jessica Star sings at the Red Lion with Last Tribe, NYC 

Tonight I sang at the Red Lion on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village.

I sang with Last Tribe which is Jason Rosen, Antar (bass), Tomo (drums), Sing (lead rippin’ guitar) and Darin (awesome lead guitar). We also had a three piece horn section!

The gig was from 1-4am! Once again; YEEHAW. I love late nights.

It’s 4:41am as I write. I only stayed at the gig til 3am. It was my first time singing with those guys at that particular gig. It’s pretty much the same musicians as at the Baggot Inn jam on Tuesdays. I give a big shout out to MAC make-up! That stuff stays on and looks pretty much the same as when you put it on, hours afterwards and even after my gigs. Their lipstick really rocks.

I could blab on about all sorts of related and unrelated subjects but instead, I’m going to say goodnight!

Jessica Star

Jessica Star rockin’ at the Baggot Inn, NYC 

Tonight was really fun! I sang at the Baggot Inn again with Jason Rosen and his jam. My cool friend Kristen from yoga came with a friend of hers and that always makes for a good audience (to have buddies in the house). It is 4:38am right now! Um……..


So, with that said; I sang a bunch of leads on songs and sang a bunch of harmonies and learned some songs while on stage. That is always fun; flying naked, flying naked.

Ah, I wore my new red Frye boots: ) They are so pretty. Kind of biker-cowgirl.

Goodnight lovlies!

Jessica Star

Jessica Star singing at the Baggot Inn, NYC! 

I sang at the Baggot Inn last Tuesday, March 4th with Jason Rosen and his jam. What fun! He’s asked me to be in a band with him and his guys so I’ll be singing every Tuesday with them at the Baggot Inn until it apparently closes. Yep, word has it that it is another NYC club that will be shutting down. Wha! Expensive rent!

We had a great time on Tuesday. I sang lead on about 10 songs and harmony on a bunch of others. Bassist, Kentucky Parkis and Drummer, Dave Dawson were there and playing. Also Karel, the jazzy sax player was there and we all shared the stage and made some wild sounds!

It’s a good work out for me and I really do enjoy it. It IS a jam so if you’re a musician, come down and bring your instrument!

Rock on, rock on, rock on,

Jessica Star

I jammed last night at the Baggott Inn with Jason Rosen 

I sang last night at The Baggott Inn with Jason Rosen and a whole host of talented musicians! Tuesday night jam in NYC’s Greenwich Village, not bad. It was fun. More of a funky R&B feel to the Country I’ve been playing. I sang, “Baby, I love you” and “To love somebody”. It’s always a little like flying naked when you get up on the stage with no rehearsal and hope for the best! They’re all pros though so it was great.

I am playing a gig this coming Saturday night, Feb.9th at Solas in the East Village, NYC.

It’s a benefit to help save the 160 year old Irish Famine St. Brigid’s Church.

These cool opportunities keep revealing themselves to me and I love it! I love to help out through my music.

That’s all for now!

Jessica Star

Jessica Star plays this Sat., Feb.9th at Solas to help save St. Brigid’s Church, NYC 

I was asked to take part in this very special and important benefit this coming Saturday, Feb. 9th from 6-10 pm at Solas - 232 E. 9th Street (2nd ~ 3rd Aves.)in the East Village, NYC

I play from 7-8:30pm, solo

This is a party to help save the 160 year old Irish Famine St. Brigid’s Church on Tomkin’s Square Park.

Also playing are The Ruffians - http://www.theruffians.com

I hope to see you there! Also, my new brand new single,” What She Is” is up on http://www.myspace.com/jessicastarband

it comes right up when you go to my page!



I just played the Evolver: Wake up and Dream party! 

I just got home from the “Evolver: Wake up and dream” party at Jivamukti Yoga School near Union Square in Manhattan. I’m so happy. What a great crowd! There were a bunch of Burning Man people there and also yoga practitioners. Nice people to play for. This year so far has been really full on! I’ve recorded the first song on my new album with heavy-weight Nashville musicians and played two really great shows. I’m grateful! Keep it coming! The combination of yoga, a clean diet, and right motivation is really working for me as far as getting my music out to more people and really moving forward. Yeah. I also did a photo shoot with my photographer friend, Darin Chumbley in Central Park last week. It was drizzly and cold but we got some good shots. Alright, that’s all for now. Be well and check in soon!

Jessica Star

Jessica Star plays Banjo Jim’s, NYC! 

I just got booked for the “Newville Sessions” at Banjo Jim’s! This is a songwriter’s showcase that combines New York City and Nashville! Right up my ally!

Date:Thursday, Jan.31st

Time:show starts at 9pm, I play from 11-11:45pm

location:700 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10009
Taxi: Tell the driver “9th Street and Avenue C”
Subway: 6 Train to Astor Place; N or R Train to 8th Street; L Train to 14th St and 1st Ave 




Jessica Star records her newest song,” What she is” Jan.14th, 2008, NYC 

WHAT FUN!!!!!!!!! Seriously. Yesterday I went into the studio of my producer, Cliff Goldmacher http://www.cliffgoldmacher.com and we laid down two tracks of him playing sweet acoustic guitar and then we recorded my vocals for my newest song, “What she is”.<br>My song is a true story that I wrote from the perspective, my perspective, of living in the city and being from the country. It’s a wild paradox. I’m sure it’s a common reality and I like to try and write from new perspectives, at least new for me. When I think about where I’m from, the first vision that comes to mind are the hills right up from the ocean in Bodega Bay, California. The forests and fields up the coast from there where moss grows on ancient trees along with fungus and you can walk by yourself down trails and see no one the whole day. It was there that I dreamed up living here in NYC. I was very happy living in nature but I felt that my real work was here in NYC or at least, this is where it would launch. “What she is” is this story! <br>So there you go, that’s the story of my newest song. We’re still in the midst of recording it and hopefully soon I’ll have it up for all to hear!

I have some live shows coming up in NYC, check out my calendar!

Jessica Star


Jessica Star show! Sat., Feb.2nd,2008~ 11pm NYC~Evolver: “Wake Up and Dream” Party* 

This is going to be one cool party! Here’s the info:

I’ll be playing solo around 11pm in the cafe space so get there early and get into the vibe!

*Reality Sandwich presents…..
Evolver: “Wake Up and Dream” Party*

**Saturday February 2, 8pm - 5am

@Jivamukti Yoga School
841 Broadway, 2nd Fl. (between 13th & 14th St. at Union Square)
$15 advance tickets, $20 door
Dreamy Costumes Highly Encouraged!

What happens when America’s most visionary city starts building a new world
by living out its dreams?

Take an overnight journey into a realm of new possibilities with
otherworldly music, performance, ideas, art and alchemy. Drift through a
labyrinth of rooms full of enchanted activities, glowing and pulsing
artwork, exotic performers, magical chill caves, futuristic playgrounds, and
endless spontaneity.

Featuring the city’s finest lucid dreamers, including globe-spanning DJs and
devotional dancers, hula hoopers and healers, performers and poets,
musicians and meditation masters and that big bold playful dreamer—You!


holiday greetings! 

Just a little update for ya!
I’ve been meeting with potential producers for my upcoming album and I can feel the wheels starting to roll. Actually, they’ve been rolling, they’re now speeding up and shifting gears. It’s all feeling very good. I got some new pictures in my studio; one of Bob Marley (not smoking) and one of Jimi Hendrix! My studio is getting better and better. I’ve been writing songs all for my new album.

We celebrated Chanukah this weekend and I made out like a bandit! I got hard shell cases for my banjo (yes, my banjo!) and my Luna guitar and a nice chair for my desk in my studio! Also, the pics of Bob and Jimi were gifts. We have a Christmas tree up in the living room in a nice spot where the passersby can see the lights. I think it spices up the neighborhood here in Brooklyn! I always appreciate when people decorate or plant flowers here. It shows spirit! Alright, that’s it for now, just a little update to say hi and my life is rockin’ here in NYC.

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays!

Jessica Star


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