Jes and Fran! 

If you're reading this, you've made it through my site to this most current journal entry! Well, the most recent and exciting musical news is that Fran and I have launched our new website and we're sharing our first three songs with the world! It's very thrilling to hear people's feedback and yes, it's extremely well received. Fran and I have been working on recording for the past two or three years and we've been writing original songs and also reworking cover tunes that we both love. “Song to the Siren” is one of our favorites both as the recording and playing it live. It's a Tim Buckley song from the 1970's that I learned by listening to This Mortal Coil. Their version is very different than the one we've come up with! Have a listen and then go find This Mortal Coil's version. You won't even recognize it! 

On that note, I bid you a lovely beginning of summer,


Jessica Star

the DIGITAL RELEASE of 'Rising From The Vault' October 16th, 2022! 


I hope this email finds you well! 

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve sent out a message from my website. Sorry for the delay. 

 I’m excited to announce the digital release of my first album, “Rising from the Vault”. I recorded this album in 1995 at Fantasy Studios in Berkley, CA with the late Bob Matthews, producer and ‘recordist’ of The Grateful Dead (Working Man’s Dead, Aoxomoxoa) and the late John Kahn, Bammie nominated arranger and bassist of the Jerry Garcia Band.  

 I was twenty-five years old, gigging heavily in the Bay Area, Ca. and through some very fun connections, got to know the late Rock Scully ( longtime manager of The Dead). Rock introduced me to Bob and the project started to take shape. Jerry Garcia had died the year before we made this album and I think that sparked the creative juices. I brought in ten of my best original songs and we pulled in some fantastic Bay Area rock musicians. The players on this album include Pete Sears on keys (Hot Tuna, Moon Alice, Jefferson Starship), Mario Cippolina on bass ( Huey Lewis and The News), Donny Baldwin on drums (Jefferson Starship, Lydia Penske and Cold Blood), Ho Young on guitar ( The John Kahn Band), as well as a Dixieland horn section and string and wind ensemble. 

 Shortly after we finished recording the album, I got a call from Bob and he told me to sit down. He then let me know that John Kahn had passed away. He told me that they were in the studio together listening to the final mix for the first time and after it was finished, John said to Bob, that he used everything he’d ever learned as an arranger on this album and he could die happily now. John Kahn died the next week. He died one year after Jerry Garcia, joining him for some fantastic music, I’m certain. This album was played at John Kahn’s wake, as it was his last work.  

You may notice that three of the song on this album are also on my album ‘Dragon’s Lair’ which was my first release back in 1999.  

Years and people have passed but I feel this album is timeless and deserves to be heard and shared. The musicianship is gorgeous and needs to be enjoyed. 

The digital release is scheduled for October 16th, 2022. You can stream it on Spotify and buy a physical copy from my website. 

Spotify digital release of ‘Rising From The Vault’

This link goes to my Spotify channel- I hope you listen, enjoy, and share this album!  

Thank you for your support!  

Jessica Star


This has definitely been an interesting time over the past few years. I was all set to launch my Janis tribute band “ Rockin’ Joplin”, last year after our sold-out show at The Turning Point on Miss Joplin’s birthday and then… Global pandemic. Who could have foreseen that one? So- with live shows shut down and making music in person with each other coming to a halt- I focused on hair- (yes, I’m a blossoming hairdresser by day) and on songwriting and recording. 

I’m feeling the winds of inspiration and the desire to share my music again. I’m figuring out the best way to do this. 


Musician for life,




Jessica Star®️ & Northern Throttle play the Tallman Pool! 

It’s time kids! Time to come out of the woodwork, out from the shadows and into the fresh air and breeze of the beautiful Hudson River. Come join me and my band as we embark on our first concert this year! And what a year it’s been. It’s high time for the music and revelry that is Jessica Star & Northern Throttle! Come hear what everyone is talking about!

New lead singer of the Old No. 7 Band!!! 

More exciting news! Hot off the presses!!!


I am the new lead singer of The Old No. 7 band! You can catch us around Rockland County! I’ve listed all the upcoming shows for me solo, as a duo, with my band Northern Throttle, and with The Old No. 7 Band!!!

I went from barely playing to TOTALLY PLAYING!!!


Thank you Universe for hearing my hearts desire!!!