Welcome to 2020!!! 
It’s a new year and a whole new way of looking at life. Remember, it’s all about perspective.

Please enjoy this site- the music, the photos, and the journal!


Jessica Star


Old No.7 Band Halloween Show!!! 

THIS SATURDAY!!!! Come to Piermont, NY to The Turning Point for The Old No.7 Band’s annual Halloween Show!!!

I am the new lead singer of this band and they are really good. This is going to be a fun night full of great music, costumes and Halloween! Buy your tickets early to make sure you can get in! I hope to see you there 🎃 


Jessica Star

Piermont Farmers Market  

I just played at the Farmers Market- no tent- under clouded sky- plugged in- electric. Got 5 songs in and drip drop 💧.. I had accidentally brought my acoustic in the gig bag- had to run home before the show to get my electric but then I thought hhhm... maybe.... Joe the manager of the market brought a tent for me and I morphed into my acoustic self and played just me and my Alvarez unplugged. The rain came down the whole time- I played for three rainy hours happily under the tent Joe brought and someone likened me to the musicians on the Titanic that kept playing for the people as the boat sank.. keep the people in a good mood... it was totally enjoyable! I love Piermont 💕

New lead singer of the Old No. 7 Band!!! 

More exciting news! Hot off the presses!!!


I am the new lead singer of The Old No. 7 band! You can catch us around Rockland County! I’ve listed all the upcoming shows for me solo, as a duo, with my band Northern Throttle, and with The Old No. 7 Band!!!

I went from barely playing to TOTALLY PLAYING!!!


Thank you Universe for hearing my hearts desire!!!


Ah, there are alot of new developments in my life!

I’ve started attending an open mic here in Rockland County at Growler and Gill on Rt. 59 on Tuesday eves. There are some amazing players and the vibe is great.

I’m also playing Bastille Day in Piermont, NY on July 13th - time TBA but probably somewhere around 3pm or so thanks to Bobby DiBlasio! That’s the same day I’m playing down at the Old 76 House in Tappan! Big music month!

Summer is looking REAL good!




Fort Lee Ride In Bike Show 


I rode with the Hot Hogs to the Fort Lee Ride In Bike Show and entered my Sportster in the show and won! What a fun and totally unexpected day!


Hi everyone! My gigantic apologies for the lapse in checking in here! An independent musician has got to make her way in the world and I do that by my other love, hair! Today I got gussied up at the salon where I work as a New Talent Stylist, at Eclipse Aveda Concept salon in Tarrytown, NY! I went from dark purplish black to blond!!! It took about five weeks or so of removing color, waiting, removing more color and then today we went full tilt boogie and morphed me into a pearly blond! I promise I’ll have something musical to report soon! My life is an ever unfolding flower🌺



be well!



Valentines Day 

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! 

I hope your hearts feel so much love that you can’t help but smile!

”don’t hold a grudge or a chip and here’s why; bitterness keeps you from flying.

Always stay humble and kind”

wise words! Forgiveness is so crucial to ourselves being happy. Forgive yourself.

Love is the most powerful force in the cosmos!!!!!


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