Jessica Star, a Country singer in NYC talks about her new album

Hey y’all!

Yesterday, October 16th was my 5 year anniversary of living in my new hometown, NYC! It’s also my hubby and my 5 year anniversary of living together cause I moved right in with him when I got here (and I never left!).

I love making music! I’m getting very excited about releasing my new album and touring my new songs. I have reworked a few tunes from the past because I want to record them for this album with a full band. Those songs would be “The ocean” and “Firewalk”. I’ve listened to the feedback from audiences and watched the body language as we’re playing them live and I think I’ve fine-tuned them so they’re even better. I’m really excited for the actual recording dates in the studio when we bang out the album the way New York City musicians can. This album will have sexy fiddles, drums, bass, acoustic and electric and steel guitars, back up singers, banjo, and possibly some tabla drums.

I’m still writing songs intended for this album and now I’ve recorded 13! I feel so proud! I really want to get about 24 and then pick the very best for actual release.  

I’ve been in pre-production for a while now, which is really a new process for me. It’s something I’ve imagined for years; having a digital studio where you can see all the tracks on your monitor and actually arrange the music more like a picture.
If you haven’t seen the movie,” The Secret”, see it! It’s how I live my life and have lived it for a long time. Well, it’s really how we all live our lives but when your conscious of it, it’s way more fun. Manifesting your dreams!
I LOVE New York City; I dreamed about living here since I was 14 years old. That’s the thing about manifesting your dreams, sometimes they happen quickly and other times they take a very long time. It seems they speed up when you’re focused on them and passionate about them!
Now that Ben and I are married, I have only my music to focus on and believe me, I feel incredibly blessed! I’m so grateful for my sweet life! You, the reader, I wish for you to find whatever it is in yourself that makes you tick the right way so you feel your happiest and most fulfilled in your everyday experience.

Jessica Star of NYC