I jammed last night at the Baggott Inn with Jason Rosen

I sang last night at The Baggott Inn with Jason Rosen and a whole host of talented musicians! Tuesday night jam in NYC’s Greenwich Village, not bad. It was fun. More of a funky R&B feel to the Country I’ve been playing. I sang, “Baby, I love you” and “To love somebody”. It’s always a little like flying naked when you get up on the stage with no rehearsal and hope for the best! They’re all pros though so it was great.

I am playing a gig this coming Saturday night, Feb.9th at Solas in the East Village, NYC.

It’s a benefit to help save the 160 year old Irish Famine St. Brigid’s Church.

These cool opportunities keep revealing themselves to me and I love it! I love to help out through my music.

That’s all for now!

Jessica Star