Jessica Star records her newest song,” What she is” Jan.14th, 2008, NYC

WHAT FUN!!!!!!!!! Seriously. Yesterday I went into the studio of my producer, Cliff Goldmacher and we laid down two tracks of him playing sweet acoustic guitar and then we recorded my vocals for my newest song, “What she is”.<br>My song is a true story that I wrote from the perspective, my perspective, of living in the city and being from the country. It’s a wild paradox. I’m sure it’s a common reality and I like to try and write from new perspectives, at least new for me. When I think about where I’m from, the first vision that comes to mind are the hills right up from the ocean in Bodega Bay, California. The forests and fields up the coast from there where moss grows on ancient trees along with fungus and you can walk by yourself down trails and see no one the whole day. It was there that I dreamed up living here in NYC. I was very happy living in nature but I felt that my real work was here in NYC or at least, this is where it would launch. “What she is” is this story! <br>So there you go, that’s the story of my newest song. We’re still in the midst of recording it and hopefully soon I’ll have it up for all to hear!

I have some live shows coming up in NYC, check out my calendar!

Jessica Star