One week after Wicked Faire

This is a very relaxing day for me... The thing that makes relaxing days the sweetest is when you are very busy creating your living dream and then you take the time to relax, rest, slow down, enjoy the natural pace of nature and your own body...
I've been extremely busy lately with creating my life, recreating my life, sculpting my world to fit me better... I've always found it very uncomfortable to live in other people's ideas of "reality". What makes one person's idea of real more real that someone else's? Money? A larger group of people agreeing on it? Hmmmm.... Someone told me a long time ago that I live in my own little world... We all do. Have you ever noticed that people can be laughing together at the same time but they are laughing at different things? Or having a conversation but they are actually talking about two different subjects? People live in their own little worlds. You perceive their world through your own ability to see. The clearer you are, the clearer you can see reality. I love creating my own little world. Is it little? Is it vast? Only you know the flower that you are becoming. It is up to you to grow that flower and manifest it to the eyes of the world... To present it... If it never blooms, no one will have known that it could have existed.... Your gift is manifesting that beautiful being that you are and bringing yourself out for the world to experience... Most likely the biggest naysayer will be the voice of fear inside your head... Walk through the fear.. The veil of fear is an illusion and once you gain the confidence and strength to walk through it, you will be stronger..

© 2017, Jessica Star ®